Dennis Picture Dennis Hoffman –  is a Certified Professional Performance Coach, CPPC, KWU Faculty Member, Productivity Coach. He has been coaching since 2004.  He has personally coached over hundreds of individuals, teams and organizations. Dennis has earned degrees in Education & Marketing/Management.
  • He has worked with Professional and Collegiate Athletes, Individuals,Teams, Corporate Executives, & Multiple Store Owners. 
  • Growth Partner Awards (multiple years)
  • Bronze & Silver Awards (multiple years)
  • He has been a Team Leader in Multiple offices. 
Resulsts have been seen in as quick as 2 months with up to a 35% increase. His clients see success in the following areas; performance, leadership, increased sales, reduced expenses, sales skills, improved systems, better tracking, & work culture.

He is a lifelong learner, constantly reading, taking classes  in areas such as Leadership, Team Building, Sales, & Culture. His motto is “Always Educate, Never Graduate!”

Dennis Hoffman [email protected] 303-539-5391